Trafalgar Square EVACUATED by police as public told to leave area and ‘loud bang heard’

Trafalgar Square in London has been evacuated by police amid reports of a suspicious package being found.

Eyewitnesses are reporting hearing a loud bang, although this is yet to be verified officially.

Tourist Sarah Churchill who was in Trafalgar Square at the time, with her 11-year-old son Noah told the Mirror: “I was in the square when the bomb went off.”

She said: “There were lots of police, were were just about to walk through the square when we got to corner we saw it was cordoned off. 

“We were speaking to a policeman when the bomb went off without any warning.

“He had told us it was a suspicious package, but it wasn’t a controlled explosion, no one told us it was about to go off.”

She added: “We could see lots of police and what looked like a bomb squad van, we were just going to walk down to the Mall to see how it was all set up when we found the area cordoned off.”

More to follow…