Music icon comes out as gay as fans shocked by appearance

MADONNA has seemingly come out as gay in a new TikTok video shared after an alarming clip of herself looking like Marilyn Manson.

The famous singer posted a video about her sexuality online amid years of speculation from supporters.

The TikTok video showed Madonna standing in what appeared to be a bathroom with a large claw-foot tub behind her.

The 64-year-old had bright pink underwear in her hand, holding them up for viewers.

Text over the video read: “If I miss, I’m gay!”

The hitmaker went to toss the panties and did, in fact, miss the trash can.

The award-winning musician did not add any more context to the clip.

Fans flooded the comments with questions, as well as shows of support.

“Did I just witness Madonna coming out? Good for her,” one fan wrote.

Another supporter commented: “Did Madonna just come out? And I’m witnessing it in real time?”

Someone else wrote: “Coming out at 64?”

“Madonna has been an out bisexual for literally decades my dudes,” another fan speculated.

A fifth fan joked: “I’m witnessing history.”