Loose Women stars brand Matt Hancock ‘disgusting’ in heated I’m A Celeb row

Loose Women star Carol McGiffin has said that she’s “disgusted” by Matt Hancock’s decision to join I’m A Celebrity and is refusing to watch the programme.

Last night 9.1million people were glued to the television as the former health secretary stumbled into the camp.

He was joined by comedian Seann Walsh and not long after meeting his campmates, Loose Women’s Charlene White took him aside and questioned his motives.

Nadia Sawalha said how she nearly didn’t watch the programme, but ended up caving and explained how she spent the first five minutes laughing.

“I think part of that was Seann Walsh’s absolute relief that another cheater was with him, so the heat was going to be taken off him.”

Seann burst out laughing when he met Matt for the first time, and Nadia said that she thinks his reaction was “almost relief”.

Nadia said how she “couldn’t stop laughing” as she watched the programme, adding that she had “tears rolling down her face”.

But the other panellists didn’t share her opinion on the controversy.

Carol looked uncomfortable as Nadia talked about how much she enjoyed last night’s episode.

Nadia did add that her opinions changed after Charlene stuck some tough questions to Matt, which saw him explain why he thought it was alright to leave parliament because: “Rishi is a really good guy”.

She called Matt an “egotistical hapless fool” and said that it just highlights the hands that the country was in during the pandemic.

Carol jumped in and said: “He’s not a fool. He’s doing a party political broadcast still, while he’s in there.

“It shouldn’t be allowed. I’m disgusted that he’s in there. I’m absolutely disgusted.”

Judi Love said that she believes the country can sometimes be tricked into thinking that politicians are “bumbling fools”, but she argued that they are “confident” and “groomed to do this from when they were young”.

She said that they know how to “perform” and she said that she could see how “privileged” Matt was.

The comedian added: “The fact the country is in disaray and we are going through all this stuff like strikes and nurses and what happened in the pandemic and he can sit there, in a show, where he is being paid and still turn around and say “everything is alright”.