Horror as Ukrainian refugee, 8, stabbed 75 times next to mum

An eight-year-old Ukrainian refugee has been stabbed 75 times next to their mum in a horror frenzy knife attack.

The unnamed girl is currently fighting for her life after being found stabbed 75 separate times in the neck and body, leaving her with serious injuries and fighting for her life.

Her mum, 46, was also discovered unconscious at the scene of the stabbing in a house near Clarecastle, Ireland. 

Medics have since revealed that the 75 stab wounds managed to miss all of the eight-year-old’s organs, but she remains in a critical condition at Crumlin Children’s Hospital after a transfer from Limerick.

A source speaking to Irish Mirror said: “It’s very much wait and see at this stage and in the doctor’s hands but the fact her major organs weren’t hit has given her a fighting chance.”

The child’s mother is also in a critical condition at Limerick University Hospital.