Brit woman ‘so confused’ to find 8 Americans in her front garden waving through window 

A British woman was left ‘so confused’ as eight Americans stood in her front garden – and started waving at her through the window.

Lanna Tolland, from Glasgow, was relaxing on her sofa on Wednesday when she suddenly noticed eight people smiling at her front gate.

As the group walked towards her garden path the intruders approached her window and started to wave, GlasgowLive reported.

The Glaswegian was left ‘so confused’ as the eager group said her house had become somewhat of an unusual tourist attraction.

Lanna decided to snap a picture of the group taking a late-night stroll around her garden and shared details of the bizarre encounter on Twitter as her post went viral.

She tweeted: “No way. Lying on the couch with the blind still open and I see eight people I don’t know at the gate waving at me I’m like??

“Open the window n they’re all AMERICAN giving it “our great grandparents used to own this house can we have a look around” I thought this only happened on tele.”

She added: “They’re all getting pictures!! Dugs are going mental what is going on.”

A follower replied: “Nooooooooooooo deed hahaha.”

“Honestly was so confused man hahahahah,” Lanna came back.