70,000 people will be told via text they may be victims of UK’s biggest scam

Tens of thousands of people will receive texts over the next 48 hours telling them they may have fallen victim to fraud.

The warning comes after the UK’s biggest ever sting on a scam operation thought to have stolen at least £48,000,000.

Investigators in London and the Netherlands took down ispoof.cc, a website which allowed criminals to disguise their identity and make it appear as if they were calling from a bank.

Police described it as an online fraud shop and at one point as many as 20 people every minute were being targeted using technology bought from the site.

So far 120 arrests have been made – 103 in London and 17 outside the capital – and it’s thought the website made £3 million in profit.

Of the 4,785 who have reported being targeted to Action Fraud, the average loss is £10,000 – but one victim is known to have lost £3 million.

It’s thought there are many more victims out there and of 10 million fraudulent calls linked to the site, 35% were in the UK.

The Metropolitan Police is reaching out to 70,000 people via text today to tell them they have been identified as potential targets of the scam.